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The very nature of training in sport places a high demand on the athlete’s movement system that requires optimal capacity, be that muscle power and strength, joint mobility, or muscle balance, timing, and activation, even down regulation of your "fight or flight" nervous system in order to maintain focus through mental performance / preparedness. When this threshold is exceeded compensation occurs and optimal movement patterns may be lost. Retraining the neuromuscular and autonomic nervous system is essential to regain optimal movement patterns decreasing likelihood of injury and to improve performance. 

Our approach utilizes a comprehensive examination that identifies the pattern of impairments that contribute to one’s pain or movement pathology. A treatment plan is then tested and proven effective in addressing the weak link in the system responsible for the athlete’s present condition or deficits. Our treatment principles rooted in primitive movement patterns aim to reduce tissue strain, eliminate pain and improve, health and performance. We would be honored to work with you in order to help you achieve this FLO state of mind to body movement connection.

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